Why study industrial relations for a progressive business?


What if we remove all the industries and business towers from the map of various cities? What if they actually disappear? This might be sounding a good joke… Indeed, in the practical world industrialism can be termed as the synonym of civilization and development of society.

With the growing size of the industries and their increasing hold over the market, the need to manage the relationship between workers and administration also took birth. For the fulfillment of this purpose Industrial Relations was introduced at the dusk of the 19th century which worked as a middle ground between classical economics and Marxism. Though, institutionally it was founded by John R. Commons at the University of Wisconsin in 1920. Let’s get more of it…

The Industrial relation has its origin into Industrial revolution, which modernized the relationship between employees and employers with the advancement in the business system. As the population of labors increased drastically inside the industries, the issues regarded their rites also started arising. Labors formed their welfare groups and strikes became a common phenomenon, which not only affect the production and manufacturing adversely but also the local public as well. Industrial Relation was an intellectual solution to avoid such situations.

Industrial relation is a multidisciplinary field that deals with the employment relationship. This is also known as employment relations or employee relation because of the increasing importance of non-industrial employment relationships.

What do we learn into industrial relations?

An industrial relation is not just the study of the relationship between the employee and employer but also dealing with the numerous situations into varying range of difficulties. The study is consist of following three aspects-

  1. Science building
  2. Problem solving
  3. Ethical


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