Agile Methodology in Project Management


With going Digital, the relevance of concepts like Agile Methodology of managing projects becomes more relevant. The projects can range from creating physical infrastructure like bridges, roads etc. to development of an ERP for an organization. The difference could lie in the environment in which these projects are developed. In a more static and certain […]

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Importance of Lean Manufacturing Techniques

Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing or also called Lean, it is a systematic method that is used to eliminate waste from manufacturing. It is a business model that uses methods to eliminate waste or activities that don’t add value by focusing on quality and efficient products by reducing the overall cost. How does Lean Manufacturing Work: The first […]

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Designing Effective Online Course Module


The online courses are much in demand these days and that’s due to the ease that they offer to the students. For this simple yet effective reason iACT Global is following this path If you want to be remembered as a best teacher in online teaching world then your module has to be perfectly designed. […]

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