Minitab: A Win-Win Move For The Business


Minitab is the most powerful statistical package which was developed in Pennsylvania State University by F. Ryan, Thomas A. Ryan, Jr., and Brian L. Joiner in 1972. This is the software, which is highly effective for Six Sigma and recommended by the Six Sigma practitioners all across the world. Initially introduced as a light version of OMNITAB, a statistical analysis program Minitab is now widely being practiced by nearly 90 countries in the world which are adding bottom line benefits to their performances.

What are the major advantages of Minitab?

Minitab software primly focuses upon the practical aspects of the major statistical tools. With Minitab, you can easily analyze the non-normal data and conduct hypothesis testing. Usage of Minitab extends the data mining, regression and forecasting, DOE and advanced statistical applications. This enhances tools to clean, format, and manipulate data.

What do you learn in Minitab?

Minitab program teaches you various methods to apply Minitab’s powerful software to Six Sigma projects and to design effective experiments, also it brushes your skills to apply advanced methods and to analyze and interpret results. You can easily manage six sigma and lean manufacturing once you have completed the Minitab course. The major topics incorporated in this course are- histogram, pie chart, dot and box plots, bar chart, Pareto, run chart, control chart individual, time series plot, normality test, graphical summary, X-Bar R charts, P, C, NP and U charts etc.

Minitab improves your experience of getting data such as you stay free of all doubts if your data is clean and ready for analysis? You get it all before the data even reaches to the worksheet.

Why choose iACT Global for Minitab course?

The Minitab training provided to you at iACT Global is a web-based and multimedia e-learning. This means you can learn all of Minitab statistics sitting at home enjoying the meal. As far as Quality of learning is concerned, the training modules with us are designed by our expert Minitab trainers. The best thing here is that you are free to avail support from our trainers via email and chat whenever you want.