How to Secure Your Data From Theft?


Digitalization has changed the face of data everywhere. The ease of working, storage and easy access has made it dear among professionals in all the sectors. As every coin has two phases, digitalization of data also has some pros & cons. Among the numerous benefits the biggest concern is confidentiality of data. Securing digital database is one of the major concerns for all the government and private organizations. The recently held ransomware attack, which affected approximately 150 countries and 2 Lakhs companies, was a big jerk for the information security system.

What is ransomware and how does it affects your system?

Ransomware, the much talked about term in last few days, is basically hijacking of your system data by unknown hackers with the help of a malware that can be injected into your system with any kind of file or application once you click it. The hackers take over the access of your system files one by one and block the access for you, the users. All your files get encrypted and you are asked to pay a certain amount of money in the form of Bitcoins (an internet currency) to decrypt them. Until you pay this ransom within the given time you cannot access the files and they may get vanished permanently after the due time limit is passed.

Is this the only concern?

NO, there are lot more things which may tend you to give a serious thought to your information security system. Ransom is the growing trend among hackers but there is traditional hacking which is yet not out of the race. Hacking the database of competitors or rivals is quite a common practice.

In such a sensitive scenario it becomes a fierce necessity for all the organizations to keep a proper check on their information security measures.

How to secure your data?

Well, it is not that difficult to secure your database from any kind of theft or ransom if you stay abreast with certain security measures. CIA triad is one of such core principle of information security. Confidentiality, integrity, and availability ensure the data to stay easily access to the people it is intended for and prevent it to be accessed by unwanted sources.

Training in CISSP/ information security by iACT Global makes it easy for you to build a strong wall against hackers to peep into your confidential information and database. The course emphasizes on training, assessment, protection, monitoring and detection, incident response and repair, documentation and review of the database with a highly secure mode. The CISSP training course with us is easy to learn and can be accessed from anywhere with available network access.