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For a career in corporate finance means a lot of task for you to work towards bringing revenue to the company, grow business and help find new ways to make money as a company and run the business.  Apart from that making acquisitions, planning for the financial future of the company and managing cash on hand etc.

Whether you work for a large multinational company or a smaller company, the job of a financial officer is to add and create value for a company. Few main areas are :

  1. Implementing and monitoring financial policies,
  2. Managing cash resources,
  3. Planning financial programs,
  4. Interacting with financial investors and community.

Corporate finance jobs are relatively stable. Of course performance is counted in these jobs but it does not depend on your deals and targets unlike other areas in corporate.  Rather the key to performing well over here is to make your company successful. Benefits of working in corporate finance are:

  • Corporate finance jobs are most desirable jobs in entire field of finance.
  • There are lot of opportunities to travel and interact with people.
  • Allows you to work in teams which helps you work with people.
  • Pay in corporate finance are comparatively good.

Let’s have a brief understanding of the Corporate Finance Job Options and their requirements:

Financial Analyst

This profile is quiet challenging and requires a broad understanding of finance plus good analytical skills and computer skills. As a finance analyst the job responsibilities involved are mentioned below.

  • Analyzing capital budgeting projects.
  • Determining financing needs.
  • Working on budgets ,long-range financial planning.
  • Implementing financial plans.
  • Analyzing possible acquisitions and asset sales.
  • Visit credit agencies and explain firm’s position.
  • Analyzing competitors.
  • Monitoring the market price of company/firm’s securities and leasing agreements.
  • Determining needs and methods of dealing with derivatives.
  • Often you will be assigned to a specific area such as revenue, planning, capital budgeting or project finance.


Credit Manager

  • Responsibilities for a Credit Manager includes granting credit to suppliers and establishing policies for the same.
  • Setting guidelines for credits.
  • This profile requires knowledge to analyse accounting statements and ability to manage customer.



  • Job responsibilities for this profile involves supervision of Treasury department.
  • This is an upper management job which requires ability to manage and motivate people ,plus should have good analytical skills.
  • It also includes financial planning, cash management, raising funds and acquiring and disposing of assets.


Investor Relations Officer

  • This challenging job requires involvement with top-level executives.
  • Understanding of finance and public relations.
  • Dealing with the investing public by circulating financial information.
  • Responding to queries from institutional investors.
  • Press release to explain corporate events.
  • Organizing teleconferences with investors.


Cash Manager

  • This job profile requires a detail-oriented and good ability to negotiate.
  • Establishing relationships with banks
  • Managing short-term credit needs
  • Ensuring that sufficient cash is on hand to meet daily needs.
  • Handling international transfers of funds.


Benefits Officer

  • This position requires a combined knowledge of finance and human resource with an understanding of organizational behavior.
  • Managing pension fund assets.
  • Setting up employee plans.
  • Health care benefits policies.
  • Working with human resources for cost-effective employee benefits.


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