Career in Interior Design and Decoration

iACT Global Interior Designer

Interior Designing and Decoration as the name suggests, is related to the art and design. It is more appropriate for the people who have a passion for art, architect, designs, colors, artifacts etc. Now, let’s understand both the terms in detail. Interior design and Interior decoration both are different. Interior designers work with architects and plan layout of interiors for creating spaces and get maximum benefit from the utilization of areas.

Interior Designers

  • Work on basis of technical knowledge of structures and buildings.
  • Prepare sample models, layout plans, elevations, perspectives.
  • Plan interior spaces, drainage, water supply, ventilation, electrical circuits, air conditioners, heating systems etc.
  • They have to keep themselves updated as per the latest material and products available in the market and have to be on par with the ongoing trend.


Interior Decorators

  • They give advice on furniture, layout, light effects, fabrics, colors, and textures etc. and help in making an attractive interior.
  • Apart from homes and offices, we can see their work on theaters, stage shows, a film set or TV sets, a play or even in exhibitions.
  • To set up the film sets and TV sets they have to work according to the Director’s plan so that they can make the design fit as per the need of the scene.


Required keyskills for Interior Designer and Decorator

  • A sense of style: Should have a great sense of style so as to create designs that are pleasing to the senses.
  • Creativity, knowledge of technical details, scientific aptitude, analytical skills.
  • Good communication skills and an ability to work with the team and being a part of it. As they need to deal with clients, vendors, workers, and other working professionals on a regular basis.
  • Awareness/knowledge of latest trends and equipment.
  • Good understanding and knowledge of texture, fabrics, colors etc.
  • Last but not the least, should have the ability to work in given budget and timeline.
  • Time management plays an important role in providing success in the career, as he/ she should coordinate with everyone and solve problems and be able to complete the given work on time.


The scope for Interior designers and decorators is growing rapidly, as people are looking for professionals who can make their homes and offices more comfortable and beautiful. As per a survey report opportunities for Interior Designer in India is expected to grow from 19% to 20% by the year 2018. So, Get Certified with iACT Global.