Agile Methodology in Project Management


With going Digital, the relevance of concepts like Agile Methodology of managing projects becomes more relevant. The projects can range from creating physical infrastructure like bridges, roads etc. to development of an ERP for an organization. The difference could lie in the environment in which these projects are developed. In a more static and certain scenario, the processes are well defined and things go smooth.

On the contrary, today’s marketplace is ambiguous the changes are frequent and the players have to adapt to the same for surviving in the industry.  Thus technique like Agile which essentially deal with changes, rather faster paced ones come into picture. Here if you are an IT graduate or a PM expert or seeking a career in the same, this becomes relevant for you suo moto. Here at iACT Global Education Pvt Ltd, we can further enhance your prospects by way of certification.

History of Agile Methodology

In the year 2001, the foundation was laid by a group of seventeen of them. The agenda behind was to add value and to collaborate with the client. If we talk about the understanding of the word agile – the same would convey – values (as mentioned above) plus frameworks like Scrum, Adaptive Project Framework etc. to implement these.

Agile methodology begins with client’s communication of the use of the product and the problems it intends to solve.

Generally the agile users talk about some principles that govern the Agile methodology.  These can be briefly put as-

  1. Following the 80/20 rule
  2. Small is the funda – then keep iterate ( Practice makes a man perfect)
  3. It’s the team that decides
  4. Collaboration is an essential
  5. Do – this & that and this as well – But the time is fixed
  6. Give the ‘output’ on asap basis
  7. Knowing what is required – To visualize and keep proceeding

In another way Agile can simply be seen as a different way of managing IT teams and projects.

Some of the topmost Agile Project Management Softwares are- AcitiveCollab, Pivotal Tracker, TargetProcess, SprintGround, Altlassian Jira+ Agile, Agilo for Scrum etc. These come up with their own pros and cons. Some of them like Pivotal Labs are free for three users. So just to give a try, you can start on with Pivotal Labs …