Key Role of the Business Analyst

In the 21st – century Business analysis has emerged as a core business practice. In today’s world, the business environment is so complex that to be at par with other competitors and to sustain in the market an organization has to constantly change through innovation, adaptability, and ability to manage change. These are keys to success. […]

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Career in Interior Design and Decoration

iACT Global Interior Designer

Interior Designing and Decoration as the name suggests, is related to the art and design. It is more appropriate for the people who have a passion for art, architect, designs, colors, artifacts etc. Now, let’s understand both the terms in detail. Interior design and Interior decoration both are different. Interior designers work with architects and […]

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Career in Corporate Finance | iACT Global

Chose the right career

For a career in corporate finance means a lot of task for you to work towards bringing revenue to the company, grow business and help find new ways to make money as a company and run the business.  Apart from that making acquisitions, planning for the financial future of the company and managing cash on […]

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The Difference between IAS and IFRS | iACT Global


Let’s understand the difference between IAS and IFRS. IAS stands for International Accounting Standards, and IFRS stands for International Financial Reporting Standards. IASB (International Accounting Standards Board) issues Accounting standards known as IAS (International Accounting Standards). In this article, we will talk more about both IAS and IFRS. IAS started in 1966 proposed to enact […]

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Modern Theory of International Trade


The international business world is experiencing globalisation. Countries are now interacting with each other in terms of trading and economic development. So, what exactly is International Trading? In simple terms, International Trading refers to the exchange of Goods and Services between countries. So why would countries do that? Well the answer is simple countries trade […]

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How to Secure Your Data From Theft?


Digitalization has changed the face of data everywhere. The ease of working, storage and easy access has made it dear among professionals in all the sectors. As every coin has two phases, digitalization of data also has some pros & cons. Among the numerous benefits the biggest concern is confidentiality of data. Securing digital database […]

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How to Write an Impressive Resume?


There is an army of skilled volunteers targeting on the same position which you are striving for. In such a scenario, How to make yourself shine over the others? This question must be kept on striking your mind most of the time, especially while applying for any new job. How would the recruiters pick you […]

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Minitab: A Win-Win Move For The Business


Minitab is the most powerful statistical package which was developed in Pennsylvania State University by F. Ryan, Thomas A. Ryan, Jr., and Brian L. Joiner in 1972. This is the software, which is highly effective for Six Sigma and recommended by the Six Sigma practitioners all across the world. Initially introduced as a light version […]

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The Importance of Brand Management in Marketing


A brand is something which makes a product stand unique among the plethora of options available in the market. Without a Brand, a product is just another object in the crowd of many. In today’s world where competition is touching zenith and customers are quite aware, it has become mandatory for companies to retain their […]

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